HTRS is a medical instrument repair company specializing in hand-held tonometers, Tono-Pen. We repair all models, including Tono-Pen, Tono-Pen2, Tono-Pen LTD, Tono-Pen XL, Tono-pen Vet, and Tono pen Avia, made by manufacturers including Oculab, Bio-Rad, Mentor, Medtronic, and Reichert. We offer 24-48 hour turnaround and quick and friendly service.

We have 30 years of experience, and our customers can speak to us live while their instrument is being worked on.


About HTRS

HTRS Incorporated was established in 1993 in Henderson, NV, USA. Our involvement in the development and manufacturing of the hand held tonometer goes back to 1985. In that year, two doctors, Dr. David A. Wallace and Dr. Steven E. Feldon, together invented and introduced the first computerized microelectronic tonometer which is marketed today as Tono-Pen Tonometer. Those doctors became our mentors, and since then, HTRS has been fortunate enough to work with a group of talented engineers and programmers repairing these instruments. It is our knowledge and experience with these instruments that permits us to offer the best possible quality in repair service.

Please call or email us today for more information on how HTRS can assist you in repairing and maintaining your handheld tonometer, Tono-Pen. One call, that's all!

HTRS, Inc. is an independent repair service company and is not affiliated with or sponsored by Reichert Inc. Tono-Pen is a registered trademark of Reichert Inc.

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